Cubemint App

Our augmented audio platform Cubemint is the gateway to the audio metaverse. It seamlessly bridges  the physical world with virtual reality through immersive spatial sound.

Visualisation of an augmented audio countryside Cube in the middle of the city

Utilizing our experience in social audio, we are creating an immersive space where users can:

  • casually spend time with friends, without worrying about an audience 
  • buy and design audio spaces
  • listen to performances and meaningful conversations

all in a three-dimensional sound space.

The whole world is mapped out and divided into virtual audio spaces, or Cubes. Each space has a corresponding non-fungible token that ensures it is unique and authentic.

The app is currently being tested among a closed group of sound designers and visually impaired mobile users.

For more information and become part of the Cubemint community, have a look at