Audio NFT Alliance Program

Become a pioneer in the Audio Metaverse space

The audio metaverse is more than just an augmented audio space. It’s a platform for creators.

To establish a vibrant community and open economy that will empower artists, designers and producers in the next generation of audio NFTs we are launching the Audio NFT Alliance Program.

In this program, we’re looking to partner with people and teams that want to explore the possibilities in the audio metaverse. 

Sign up for the Audio NFT Alliance Program

Do you have an original idea that you want to bring to life in the audio metaverse?

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3 Perks of Joining

  1. A free cube in the Audio Metaverse
  2. If there is a use case that you want to fulfill, our product team can work with you on developing a solution in the audio metaverse
  3. Work together to design and create your ideal cube

Current collaborations

Crypto Fuzzy: an interactive audio NFT collection.