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With offices in San Francisco and Kyoto, Doki Doki has been developing voice-based social platforms since 2016. In 2017, Doki Doki released the apps Baby and Ball, which were both early voice social networks. The next app they released in the U.S. is Dabel, an audio social app. On this platform, over 80,000 users on the platform have talked and connected with other users they just met in live conversations. The team also has a strong focus on app accessibility, making sure users with visual impairments are able to also enjoy the platform.

Doki Doki was founded by Takahito Iguchi, who has been a leader in the XR (Cross Reality) field, starting with the augmented reality app Sekai Camera and in 2013, the Telepathy wearable device.

In 2019, Iguchi led Doki Doki in creating Dabel, before shifting the team to focus on the audio metaverse.


Launch of early voice social networks Baby & Ball


Audio Metaverse


Launch of Dabel, an audio social app with a strong focus on accessbility and reaching over 80.000 users

Introduction of the Audio Metaverse


Takahito Iguchi

Founder & CEO

Solving loneliness through the voice.
Serial entrepreneur working in augmented reality and audio technology for over 10 years.

Masashi Tsuji


Toshiki Kishimoto


Benton Nilson

Marketing Director

Hiroshi Chiba


Charlotte Blondeel


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