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What is an Audio Metaverse?

Building on the Spatial Audio technology developed by Apple for Airpods Pro, Doki Doki Inc. has created an Audio Metaverse, where users talk together and explore an immersive audio space.

Own Audio Spaces as Digital Assets with NFTs

“The entire world will be mapped out and divided into Cubes that you can own, buy, and sell,” says Doki Doki CEO Takahito Iguchi. “Even when we’re apart, we can still get the experience of being together in the same place.” 

Doki Doki CEO Takahito Iguchi

The owner of the cube can play music, sing, host discussions and anyone entering that physical space will hear what’s going on. Because users’ voices reflect their position in a three dimensional grid, there’s an enhanced realism to the interactions, which replicate the feeling of occupying a physical space together.

The augmented audio reality also gives artists and creators not only a new place to create, but a brand new medium to express themselves in.

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